Accounts You Should Be Following on Insta and Twitter

Accounts You Should Be Following on Insta and Twitter

Before I start, know that this post is totally subjective. I’m giving the best people and accounts to follow based on my music and humor biased opinion. If you remember (or look back), Twitter and Instagram were both mentioned in my first post as top free apps to have and use. Some of these accounts are part of the reason. So here we go, in no particular order…


            CNN Breaking New, @cnnbrk – Read the news in 140 characters or less. Of course you don’t get the full story unless you click on the link, but you’ll learn enough to know whether you want to click the link and read more or not. This makes Twitter a one-stop shop for social and current events.

Daniel Tosh, @danieltosh – I’m a fan of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, and Daniel uses his personal account to announce when his new episodes air and other random, funny things. He live tweets during episodes and interacts a lot with his followers. He’s just a witty, sometimes offense, guy that seems relatable. That’s why I follow him, whether I watch his show that season or not.

Modern Seinfeld, @SeinfeldToday – Seinfeld is regarded as the 90’s sitcom about nothing. This account provides a synopsis of what a modern day of nothing-ness would consist of using the characters’ traditional traits.

Modern Seinfeld tweet

Modern Seinfeld

Historical Pics, @HistoricalPics – It’s exactly what it sounds like. Some days I’ll breeze right by this account’s tweets, other days I’ll stare at it, save the images, retweet and favorite it and send it to my mom.

Historical Pic's tweet

Filming of “Titanic”

Buzzfeed, @BuzzFeed – Buzzfeed tweets a link to basically every article on its site, so if you check both regularly it will get monotonous. But since I check Twitter more than Buzzfeed, seeing its captions and links lets me know if their site is worth checking out that day. Sometimes I want to know what celeb cut his hair and sometimes I want to know what Harry Potter character I am.

Buzzfeed's tweet

Buzzfeed’s tweet

Kent State accounts – Regardless of what school you go to what organizations you’re involved in, there’s probably a Twitter account designated to it. I can’t promise it’s updated, useful or even interesting, but give it a shot. Kent State has tons of anon accounts: KSU Banana Eaters, KSU Crushes, The Kent Stater, KSU Buzz and the general Kent State that announces class closings (because those are the tweets I don’t skim over). Some are funny, some stupid and some are just useful. Either way, it’s a community I belong to and like to stay connected with.


             NBC’s Saturday Night Live, @nbcsnl – I love the show, but I hardly ever watch it when it airs Saturday nights, let alone television at all. Ninety percent of things I watch are online. This Instagram account shows who the host and musical guest will be for the week, as well as some backstage photos and videos before, during and after the show. Moreover, it lets me know if I should take the time to look up and watch the episode online that week.

Video from NBC SNL's Instagram

Video from NBC’s SNL Instagram

Dierks Bentley, @dierksbentley – I love country music, and I follow a couple musicians on Instagram. Bentley is one artist that uses his account for promotion and not so much social. He previews his songs and music videos and says what nominations he’s up for. He’s not one you hear much about on the radio, so I like hearing about his new music straight from him (or his PR team) on social media.

Unspirational, @unspirational – I’m not a “Debbie-Downer” or typically cynical, but I do hate cliché things. This account makes memes with beautiful background you would see on sorority shirt and Hallmark cards, but the sayings are extremely sarcastic. This an account you just have to experience for yourself.

Screenshot of Unspirational's Instagram post

Unspirational’s post

Darrin Wingard, @newbeeraday – Every day this guy posts about a new beer. He’ll post a picture of the beer, the brand, where he is and his thoughts on how the beer tastes. His captions can get lengthy, but he does some impressive traveling and tasting that makes him worth the follow.

E! Online, @eonline – Again, this goes back to me watching more things online than on actual television. Why watch a whole episode when I can scroll through my Instagram feed as fast as I want and read what I want and skip what I don’t? This account is updated constantly throughout the day, so I’m usually well aware of what awards are going on, who’s getting married, who just had a baby, etc.

Macklemore, @macklemore – I like Macklemore’s music, but I have to admit I don’t know much more than what is played on the radio. I think I impulsively followed his account after I heard his song Cowboy Boots, but I never unfollowed him, so that says something. Unlike Bentley, Macklemore doesn’t post promotional things. He posts funny lifestyle things that make me want to be friends with him.

Macklemore's Instagram post

Yes, Macklemore’s cat has its own Instagram account.

One Grown Up That Knows You – I follow friends from high school, college and a variety of other places on my Instagram, and the posts aren’t always PG-13. It’s easy to start posting things similar to what you see on your feed every day. Follow one person that you would not want to disappoint. It will keep you humble. You’ve heard it a million and a half times, but employers look at your social media. Make it a point of pride.

Let me know what interesting accounts you follow!

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