We’re not in a scene of Mad Men; we don’t all have our own secretaries. But we DO all have cell phones by now, and most are smart ones. Make your phone work for you, for free!
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Hopefully you know by now that your phone has an alarm clock, stopwatch and timer. Most phones even have a world clock so you know when to call your friend studying abroad in Europe. Just being aware of your phone’s capabilities can help you save the day during future timed competitions or timing that five minute nap in-between classes perfectly. You should also already know that your phone has a calendar for listing your events and appointments. If not, come on; explore your phone and see what you spent all that money on! Appointments usually have to be scheduled weeks in advance, and by the time it rolls around you could’ve easily forgotten about it. Use the alert option when putting it in your calendar assuring your attendance.

Don’t be that person scrambling for pen and paper when someone is giving you their number, email address or other important info. USE YOUR PHONE, smart or not. All phones have some sort of “Notes” app, and the newest iPhone even has a built-in app called Pages which is a whole word processor.

Similarly, there’s Evernote, a note-taking app that organizes your own notes with other compiled research. Evernote makes it easy to organize notes by different categories too. There’s also an Apple app called Keynote for preparing presentations similar to PowerPoint all available right on your smart phone. Us students are going to run out of excuses for late assignments…

So maybe we didn’t manage our time like we were supposed to throughout the day/week, it happens. Luckily (or unluckily) most Microsoft programs are available for download on your smartphone. Update your group Google Doc while you’re in line at Chipotle, type up a quick Word document assignment you forgot about on the bus to class and download Excel just to complete the Microsoft set.

Jobs are out there, even on your phone. Job Search is a free app that searches for jobs near you and worldwide. Build your resume and job hunt all from your smartphone! Once you get the job, find out what third-party company it uses for payroll, clocking in hours, etc. and see if they have an app. Most do, and this can help you stay on top of when you can afford to call in sick again, in-house emails and even your benefits and retirement. You should see if any company you pay a monthly bill to has a mobile app. Your phone carrier surely does, and the app will help you stay on top of your bill, any overage fees and how close you are to your monthly data limit.

Smartphones are capable of a lot, I’m still learning that. My prediction, there’s not going to be a whole lot laptops do that smartphones can’t. I’ve given you the ways to be productive, this Fast Company article will give you the reasons to try it. I stuck to just productivity and organizational features in this post, so let me know what other areas you’re curious about on your smartphone!

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  1. nicksewellksu · February 19, 2015

    Great post Julia! I’m pretty old school when it comes to my cell phone. Basically, the only apps I use on my phone are Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Timehop. It seems like whenever someone is giving me a phone number or email address either over the phone or in person, I’m scrambling for a pen and paper to write it down rather than using my phone to do it. However, after reading this post, I’ll have to give some of these apps you mentioned a shot! The Evernote app sounds especially useful for college students.


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