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We always see people staring at their smartphones. What’s so interesting on it that makes us stare and interact with it for minutes on end?

In this post, I’ll tell you what’ so interesting on my phone that I become separated from the outer world for hours a day. And as a college student, of course these things are either free to download or already on my phone.

1. Twitter – Of course social media ranks high on my list, but Twitter specifically takes my cake. I follow celebrities like Daniel Tosh and Blake Shelton, news sites like CNN Breaking News and Kent Wired, funny anon accounts like  The Office Quotes and Worst Rap Lyrics, my professors who I’ll leave unnamed, companies such as Kay Jewelers (my employer) and Oreo, some event venues and lots of friends. Twitter is updated to rapidly I didn’t even have to watch the Grammy’s last night, I read about them and watched links instead.  Download Twitter now here.

2. Shazam – For when you’re in someone’s car and don’t want to admit you don’t know the artist and title of the song, use this app. It listens to the song that’s currently playing and gives you title, artist and album, and in some cases the lyrics and option for download.

3. Songza – Ahhh, music without paying for it. I prefer this app over Pandora because of all the genre, mood and event playlist options. Choose from playlists for working out, barbecuing, dirt road driving and other funny but totally relatable events. You can also search by 100’s of genres, 30 decades or search for your specific song or artist.

Screenshot of Songza app    

Screenshot of Songza app

Screenshot of Songza app

4. Weather App – This app might be more important to me because I deal with ever-changing Ohio weather, but it’s still a handy one. Keep track of how to do your hair based on the humidity, what to wear based on the temperature and precipitation and when to stargaze with the exact sunset and sunrise times. Keep track of your grandma’s weather down in Florida with the option to save multiple locations. It’s not the most entertaining app, but it’ll save you from some embarrassing outfit choices. 

5. Snapchat – No, it’s not a nude-sharing app. It’s more of a one-night-stand for pictures; there and gone with no more than a 10-second commitment. My friends and I use this app all throughout the day, even when we’re together. Snapchat outlasted being a fad and became a big part of how I communicate and share things with friends I see every day and my mom two states away.

6. Waze – I’ve tried at least five different navigation apps, and I by far like Waze the best. The maps are easy to read and addresses and/or locations are easy to enter. There are even alerts that notify you of where police are sitting, reported accidents and objects on the road along your route.

7. Banking Apps – The app name will vary depending on who you bank with, but the idea is the same great one. Mobile banking apps allow you to see how much you have in your accounts, what recent transfers/transactions were made and some may even allow you to deposit checks. Don’t wait to get to a computer, or worse, wait for a monthly paper statement (gasp) to see where you can afford to eat tonight.

Let me know if there’s an app you think should make my Top 7 list!

One comment

  1. fssempal · March 4, 2015

    Hey Julia!
    Great post but I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if you had more images. But I’m glad i’m not the only one who knows about Songza! I completely love this app with everything in me! Like you said, I really like how you pick certain playlists based on mood, day and time. I discovered this app in 2012 and i’ve never looked back since! I also just realized that they are really great about updating the playlist! I’m not sure if you know of the artist, Drake, well he recently released a surprise album about a week ago and I heard some songs from the album on one of the playlists i was listening to yesterday. I totally agree that this music app is so much better than pandora! I recently talked about an app called Soundcloud in one of my blog posts! It doesn’t offer playlists but if you are into finding cool new music you will probably this app, as well.


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